What are the characteristics of the membrane switch intelligent circuit breaker?


As a membrane switch manufacturer, Chuangming Electronics, in addition to sharing some of the characteristics of the membrane switch, we must share with you the characteristics of some membrane switch related accessories, so that those who need it can understand more. Electronics today introduced the eight characteristics of the membrane switch smart circuit breaker, as follows:

(1) Friendly human-machine interface. The membrane switch intelligent circuit breaker has a touchable human-machine interface on the panel, which can be used to browse the detailed operating parameters of the circuit breaker.
(2) On-line detection of mechanical characteristics, a special displacement sensor and a proprietary signal processing unit are installed on the mechanism, and the display of the opening and closing displacement after each opening and closing can be displayed through the display on the circuit breaker panel. Speed. Separate side time, overtravel, open distance, different period and other mechanical parameters.
(3) Detection of current waveform of opening and closing and energy storage motor. The high-precision dial sensor is used to measure the current of the opening and closing electromagnet and the energy storage motor, and the current waveform can be displayed.
(4) System for circuit breaker status detection, diagnosis and maintenance guidelines. According to the detected mechanical waveform of the closing and closing, the electromagnet of the closing and closing, the current waveform of the energy storage motor and the on-line N degree, the state of the circuit breaker is diagnosed. It is found whether the various links of the circuit breaker are normal, and the abnormal situation is reported. Replacement and analysis processing.
(5) With communication and data storage functions. The intelligent circuit breaker uses a standard fieldbus communication interface. It supports a variety of standard communication protocols, which can display monitoring data, curves and diagnostic conclusions to the integrated monitoring device and transmit the data to the background. With powerful data storage function, it can store the mechanical characteristics and current waveforms of each circuit breaker for easy access to food.
(6) Electric access control. The electric chassis can realize the remote access control of the actual circuit breaker. It has manual priority function and soft start and soft stop. It has stall protection and can be switched manually and electrically.
(7) The intelligent circuit breaker has electromagnetic compatibility function and meets the requirements of mechanical characteristics and A-liter, and has high reliability and safety.
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Post time: May-14-2019

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