Membrane Switch has bright fulture

Membrane switch, this name seems seldom to heard, that is because it is not a finished product, so most people do not know what is it, few people know it not means it not existence, because many products we daily using used it! Let me give you example, you will find it why I say so.

Following picture I think everyone seen it, correct, it is a micrawave, see the screen on it, it is made of membrane switch, it is Hot-Pressing Sensor Switch (PET keys) Everyone get up in the morning, will use it to cook something to seat, also on some of the refrigerator also has it, no need me give you more example, you will think many of our homeware are using the membrane switch.

microwave membrane switch


After we have breakfast, will go to work, we will go out from our home, and you will find the lift, there has buttones inside or outside of the lift, you touch the first floor, that is also membrane switch.

Membrane Switches

When will drive a car to our office, you will find some of the car also has use the membrane switches, in order to make life simple, many automobile manufacturers begin to use the membrane switches, see the following picture:


Then we will arrive office, and in the office, you can find more products are using the membrane switch, keyboard,Safe Deposit Box, tea cooking etc.


When you go to your factory will find many machines, on the machines you can find many this kinds of panel on the machines, it is also membrane switch

photo2 pl2526543-custom_embossed_tactile_membrane_switch_with_dull_polish_polydome_and_rim

After you out of work want to relax, then go to the GYM, you will see this:


After you read my words, you will surprised why I do not know it? Yes, it is, there has many area begin to use the membrane switches now time, what I mentioned is what you can see, and there has many places you can not seend, like the airplane, big ship, satellite, Aircraft carrier etc.

That is why I say membrane switch has a bright fulture, and it will go into more products….

Post time: May-05-2019

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